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Personalized Whiskey Decanter and Crystal Ice Bucket: 5 Whiskey Accessories to Add to Your Home Bar

Personalized Whiskey Decanter and Crystal Ice Bucket: 5 Whiskey Accessories to Add to Your Home Bar

Do you love having a glass of whiskey at the end of the day? Is it your go-to drink when you’re out for a nice meal? Are whiskey cocktails your favorite type of drink? If so, there are plenty of accessories for your home bar you might want to add. From a personalized whiskey decanter to bitters bottles to whiskey ice buckets, there are plenty of accessories to choose from.  Here are some that options for accessories that are sure to add a touch of luxury to your home bar.


Personalized Whiskey Decanter

First, you will want to add a personalized whiskey decanter to your home bar. A wine decanter helps oxidize wine, opening it up and expanding flavors. This does not happen with whiskey. Instead, the personalized whiskey decanter is simply an elegant way to show off the liquid inside. You, too, can capture the style of a ’50s ad man, pouring a decanter instead of a whiskey bottle when you have guests. Having the decanter customized with a logo, image, or personalization will up the cool factor even more.


Personalized Ice Bucket

Another accessory you might need is a personalized whiskey ice bucket. Bringing out an ice bucket with a custom image or personalization is far more polished than simply getting ice cubes from the freezer. Use one if you need to keep your cocktails cold during the summer. A contemporary ice bucket is highly practical when you have guests. Plus, it’s also a great way to add even more luxury to your home bar.


Whiskey Rocks

If you are just chilling a couple of fingers of whiskey, you don’t want ice to dilute the amber liquid. Instead, you will want to use whiskey rocks. There are plenty of different kinds of whiskey rocks, from metal skulls or dice to actual, polished rocks. The key is to find something that best represents you and your taste. These are much classier than trying to cool whiskey with a handful of ice cubes, and all you need to do is keep the whiskey rocks in your freezer.


Customized Flask

If you are the guest instead of the host, it’s harder to bring your personalized whiskey decanter with you. Instead, bring your whiskey in a customized flask to share. The flask’s design can include your name or monogram. Add your favorite whiskey, and you can bring the party with you. Whether you are pouring fingers for friends or helping the host mix up cocktails, bring a customized flask. It is the best way to bring some of your favorite whiskey and show it off at events.


Bitters Bottles

You can often tweak cocktails by using different bitters. For example, you might add orange bitters to an old fashioned to bring more of the citrus flavor to the front. Try using bitters bottles if you are making your own bitters or just want a more artistic way of presenting the bitters you already have. You can find bitters bottles that pour better than the bottles they typically come in. Better yet, they’re usually more aesthetically pleasing too. It may seem like a small detail, but the little details matter when you are mixing a cocktail.


About Crystal Imagery

Eric Schuchart decided to start a fun side project as a hobby in 2001. The seeds of Crystal Imagery were planted when he started making custom engraved glasses for friends and family. They loved the gifts he was able to produce. Sherri Blum, a noted interior designer for renowned celebrities, joined Eric in 2013, and Crystal Imagery was born. The personalization of each piece of Crystal Imagery glassware are achieved with a deep carving technique that laser and rotary surface etching methods can’t match. Crystal Imagery offers personalized whiskey glasses, decanters, flasks, customized beer glasses, and many more glassware options. Add a touch of sophistication to your home bar with deeply engraved customized glassware from Crystal Imagery.


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