Indulge Yourself

From the Mouth of the Glass

The years have flown by and I have a hard time wrapping my mind around it. I had ample time and would sit and study him from afar. There was a time he seemed lost and when he held me it was like he looked through me, searching and then she entered the picture and she was spirited, energetic, and full of life and I witnessed sparks between the two and so starts my story.

Our worlds changed drastically as she was fiery and full of ideas and he became alive with dreams awakened and I knew I would never be the same. He worked long hours and with purpose and she was much of the driving force behind his dream becoming a reality. Now when he held me he didn’t look through me, but instead, he studied me and held me with hands of strength and purpose.

We emerged from the studio and what a picture we made. She smiled demurely, he tilted his head that sexy boyish charm way she and I had come to admire, and the light danced off my newly engraved monogram and my polished curves. We were a sight to behold.

No longer meant to be overlooked, I now had the honor of making their guests feel distinguished and their discriminating taste extended to other styles of glassware, decanters, mugs, and shot glasses. We treated each guest with sophistication and refinement as unique as the one holding the glass. And of course, our glass engraving services and story don’t end there. From small intimate gatherings to the times we welcomed a house full of lively chatter and laughter, we reveled in the distinction that we were treating each guest with an intricate design as unique as themselves and it was time to share this experience.

So now we invite you to enjoy this experience and we promise you will not be disappointed. Whether it is the scent of merlot kissing your senses, cognac swirling its magic in your glass, aged whiskey gracing your palate, or the welcomed suds of a cold beer helping you unwind, we have the perfect complement for you. Whether you want to personalize your collection or you want to share this stylish, fun, and superior craftsmanship, we are here to make this all about you and your world. We look forward to serving you and may your days be filled with hard work, dreams come true, and the reward of exceptional carved glass in your hands.


Eric Schuchart

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Crystal Imagery

Eric Schuchart started Crystal Imagery as a hobby in 2000 making gifts for family and friends. In 2013, Crystal Imagery was incorporated and brought on partner, Sherri Blum. The company thrived and grew by leaps and bounds in the first 2 years. In 2016, Crystal Imagery was moved from its humble beginnings in the family garage to the 10,000 square foot facility you see today in York Springs, PA. Long term customers include distinguished clients such as the U.S. House of Representatives, The U.S. Senate, The CIA and dozens of high end resorts throughout the country. Eric has his BSBA from Duquesne University and his MBA in Manufacturing from George Washington University. Eric handles operations, inventory management, and supply chain for Crystal Imagery. Contact Eric at:  




Sherri Blum

Co-Founder, President, Chief Commercial Officer of Crystal Imagery

Sherri Blum President CEO Crystal ImagerySherri Blum is a nationally renowned artist and interior designer who founded Jack and Jill Interiors, Inc., a celebrity interior design firm in 1999. Her designs have been regular features on HGTV, People Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and more. Sherri co-founded Crystal Imagery, Inc. in 2013 and has her BSED in Sociology from Shippensburg University and completed graduate work in Psychology at Loyola University. Sherri handles new product development, website development, advertising, sales and marketing for Crystal Imagery. Contact Sherri at: