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Know of any sites that claim to offer: Crystal Imagery coupon, Crystal Imagery promo code, Crystal Imagery discount? Well, those are not approved by us.

If you're trying to find our coupon codes on those coupon code websites, you're not getting the whole story. Many of our codes are specifically sent to qualifying customer groups. Those sites don't know such information, as they're only fishing around in the dark trying to grab codes without getting the full picture.

Our newsletter program will send codes that are only valid for orders of <30 of a single product, for example- and we put that disclaimer on the newsletter. We have built-in discounts on 90% of our products right on the product page (no codes needed) to ensure you're already getting a price break when you order at various quantities. So our codes are not to be used for 30 or more of the same product because we've already built in a discount for that quantity and simply can't afford to discount further or we would make zero profit. Those websites who fish for and present our codes to the public, do not give you these parameters. Customers who use those codes (Shopify doesn't yet have a way for us to exclude the use of codes at various quantities within an order.) then need to be contacted by our customer service department and the discount retrieved.

So please, even if a code you find on other sites seems to work, in the end, we will need to contact you to get the amount paid back to us.

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