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Standard Rocks Glasses

Our standard rocks glass collection is for those who are budget conscious but don't want to sacrifice quality. These customized scotch glasses provide customers an opportunity to collect our gorgeously deep-carved monograms and designs at a great price. Perfect for ordering in bulk for special events, corporate gifting and promotional product offerings for your company. Our sand carving method gives you a deep-relief, 3D finish that can't be matched by laser engravers and etchers, while remaining competitively priced. (*See our Crystal Whiskey Glass collection for crystal rocks glass options.)

Whiskey and bourbon are becoming hugely popular among the younger generations and are an old favorite of our fathers and grandfathers. The history of whiskey and bourbon distilleries goes to our nation’s colonial days. American whiskey started as a raw spirit made from rye and developed over the centuries to be what we know today as the more complex bourbons, ryes and whiskeys that are enjoyed by whiskey and bourbon connoisseurs today.

How is Whiskey Made?

Whiskey and bourbon are made from a combination of corn, wheat and rye through a six step process that can take years to develop. Malting, mashing, fermentation, distillation, maturation and eventually bottling are involved in the process to provide you with the smooth and complex flavors you enjoy in your favorite spirits today. The aging is done in charred oak casks which give it a variety of flavors.

Choosing the Best Bourbon Glass

In order to fully enjoy these amazing American spirits you need the proper rocks glass. At Crystal Imagery, we have a wide variety of bar glasses for him. The shape of the whiskey glass is important when considering how the person enjoying the liquor wants their whiskey. Some drink their whiskey neat, meaning no ice and no mixers. You can also tell the bartender you want your whiskey “straight up”. Others prefer bourbon on the rocks, meaning with ice. Ice added to your whiskey allows the melting water to slowly change the nuances of the whiskey and can be quite a pleasant experience. The word Rocks Glass gets its name from the idea that when you add ice, you’re adding rocks to your drink. Finally, some enjoy their whiskey or bourbon in a variety of cocktails such as a Manhattan, Old-Fashioned or a mule.

At Crystal Imagery, we have hundreds of personalized bourbon glasses that come custom engraved for you. Our whiskey glasses include high quality lead-free crystal DOF glass options that can be used for any kind of whiskey drink recipe. We also have the popular Glencairn Scotch Whisky Glass in a variety of colors which can allow you to enjoy blind tasting at your next party. The Glencairn snifter is ideal for enjoying your scotch neat as it allows you to fully enjoy the aromas of the liquor. Our Canadian whiskey glass, Stolzle and Ravenscroft Crystal rocks glasses and Waterford DOF glasses are gorgeous options in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Personalize Your Whiskey Glass With a Custom Monogram or Logo

Crystal Imagery has a talented team of graphic artists who can help you choose the personalization for your bourbon glasses. We have stock monogram options where you simply plug in the monogram initial and name right on the product page of our website. Our scotch glass monogram options include something for everyone. Seeking a Christmas gift for him, a Father’s Day gift for Dad or your husband? We offer unique designs to suit every personality and hobby he might enjoy. We also have military barware options for our service men and women of the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force. Retirement gifts and wedding gifts are available for the whiskey lover as well.

Crystal Imagery also specializes in engraving your logo whiskey glass. If you’re a business owner or CEO and you’re thinking, “ I want my own logo rocks glass!” then Crystal Imagery is your best option at getting those corporate promotional barware gifts that will truly impress your clients, customers and colleagues. Logo promo gifts are the best way to stay infront of your customers and how better to be appreciated than to be remembered when your client is enjoying his or her favorite whiskies from a bar glass with your company logo deeply etched into the surface?

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