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6 Mistakes to Avoid with Whiskey

6 Mistakes to Avoid with Whiskey

When you break out your personalized whiskey glasses, you’re probably looking forward to a nice drink. But are you making mistakes when you drink your whiskey? From not adding water to using a highball glass when you’re drinking an old fashioned, you might be making plenty of mistakes. Avoiding these is key to enjoying your favorite whiskey to the fullest. Here are some of the mistakes to watch out for.


Not Adding Water

Are you drinking your whiskey straight? You’re missing out on potential flavor. A few drops of water opens up the whiskey, bringing out more flavors and taking a bit of the alcohol bite away. Too much water can dilute the whiskey, however, muddling the flavors. Some pipettes are specifically designed to have the right amount of water for whiskey. It’s often just a few drops. You can also use whiskey stones instead of ice to add the perfect amount of water while keeping your whiskey cold with the stones.


Not Trying Other Whiskies

Much like with food, it’s fun to experiment with new whiskies. If you love bourbon, try a new rye instead. Try a Japanese whisky or a new Scotch if you like Irish whiskey. You don’t have to spend much money, either. Remember that cost is not a determining factor for how good a whiskey is. Be sure to read the label—if you pick a cask-strength whiskey without realizing it, you might be in for quite a shock when you first take a sip.


Freezing Your Whiskey

Storing your whiskey is also an important factor in enjoying it. For example, unlike with vodka, putting your whiskey bottle in the freezer is not a good idea. Whiskey has a higher freeze point than water, so it won’t freeze but will simply get cold. This suppresses the flavor. You want to store your bottle upright in a temperature-controlled room, such as an air-conditioned closet or wine cellar. This saves the cork. You can also keep your whiskey in a personalized whiskey decanter for the most luxurious storage option. Note that you do not need to let whiskey breathe like you do with wine. The whiskey will slowly oxidize, but it won’t open up the flavors. Instead, it will dull in taste over time, so be sure to drink your whiskey within a few months to maximize its flavor.


Only Looking at Age Expression

Older whiskies are often more expensive. However, this does not make them better than younger, cheaper whiskies. It can also make whiskies harder to find. You might find that older whiskies simply don’t suit your tastes. Instead of looking at the age, try tasting whiskies to find what you like.


Using Regular Ice Cubes

Regular ice cubes melt too fast, quickly diluting your whiskey and dulling the taste. You want to use large ice cubes or spheres, which melt slowly. This lets you enjoy the drink, have a slight dilution, and still cool the whiskey.


Using the Wrong Glass

Like wine, there are different glasses for different whiskies. For straight whiskey or cocktails that need muddling like an old fashioned, use a rocks glass, also called an old fashioned glass. Mixing whiskey and soda? Use a highball. If you are sipping a whiskey or Scotch and want to enjoy it fully, use a Glencairn glass.


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