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Customized Beer Glasses and Other Beer Lover Essentials

Customized Beer Glasses and Other Beer Lover Essentials

If you’re a beer lover, you need certain essential items for your home bar. Customized beer glasses make the drinking experience better. A home beer tap makes it feel like your home bar is a pub, and a growler helps you get beer on tap from breweries or grocery stores. Here are some of the items you need if you love beer.


Customized Beer Glasses

If you’re drinking your favorite beer out of a regular glass, you’re missing out. One of the essential items for any beer drinker is a set of customized beer glasses. Pub glasses are the traditional way to enjoy a wide variety of beers. Getting a customized set can help elevate your drinking experience. Having your name or custom logo on the glass is a great conversation starter.


Personalized Pilsner Glasses

Pub glasses are versatile, but if you love pilsners, you should have a glass for your favorite type of beer. Pilsner glasses are for lighter beers. They hold slightly less than the typical pint glass and are tall and slender. If you like naturally fizzier beers, choose this type of beer glass. It has less liquid at the bottom of the glass, causing a smaller head. It also helps the bubbles release the beer’s aroma.


A Customized Beer Mug

Another type of glass you might want is the classic beer mug or stein. Having one customized means drinking your beer in style. Unlike the other types of glasses, a beer mug has a handle, which helps prevent your hands from warming up the beer. Thick, insulated walls also help keep your beer frosty. Beer mugs are perfect for American, English, and German lagers.


A Customized Beer Growler to Store Craft Beer

Do you enjoy getting your beer straight from the tap? Craft breweries and grocery stores may have growler stations. A good growler will easily help you get and store local beer. While you can probably get a growler at those locations, having one with a custom logo or your name on it can make your home bar look that much better. It’s personalized and unique to you. You can then pour your favorite local beer from a customized growler into your customized beer glasses.


A Beer Pitcher for Parties

Parties mean needing to pour lots of beer for your friends. A beer pitcher with your name on it will do the trick nicely. It adds a classy touch to your home bar and your parties and allows you to offer your guests plenty of beer.


A Home Beer Tap

Whether you get a kegerator or a draft beer server, you want a home tap—no more beer in cans or bottles. You can serve straight from the tap into your customized beer glasses. If you want your circle of friends to know you as the beer connoisseur, this is what you want for your home bar. It adds a new level of sophistication to enjoying a beer at home or when you host parties.


A Solid Bottle Opener

That’s right—with all these fancy toys, you still need a good, old fashioned bottle opener. Get one that is built from solid stuff. You might want to get one due to aesthetics. However, you should make sure that it is strong enough to stand up to opening many, many beer bottles before it needs to be replaced.


About Crystal Imagery

In 2001, Eric Schuchart decided to take up a hobby. His project was making personalized engraved glasses for his friends and family. They loved these glasses. In 2013, Crystal Imagery went from a hobby to a full-time job as Sherri Blum, noted interior designer to celebrities, joined Eric in his endeavor. Crystal Imagery uses two techniques for etching: a deep engraving technique that produces a depth and shadow that traditional rotary surface etching methods just can’t match and a UV laser that offers crisp, precise etching that cuts the surface, unlike CO2 lasers. Crystal Imagery offers personalized whiskey glasses, a personalized whiskey decanter collection, customized beer glasses, crystal ice buckets, flasks, and a variety of other glassware options.


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