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Anti Aging Potion Wine Glass


“I don’t care how liberated this world becomes, a man will always be judged by the amount of alcohol he can consume and a woman will be impressed, whether she likes it or not.” by Doug Coughlin


Hello and welcome to our first post with Crystal Imagery. I know what you’re thinking…here we go, another blog about blah, blah, blah. Well get that crazy idea out of your head! We are not going to bore you to death with sales pitches about our wonderfully unique, custom personalized and monogrammed wine glasses, custom whiskey and scotch glasses, engraved beer mugs, pub or pint glasses, whiskey decanters, mancave beer pitchers and so forth. Yep, we know our products are phenomenal and if you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve already browsed our site’s extensive offerings and have said “Wow! I have never seen custom barware like THIS before!”

No…we don’t feel we have to sell you on our products. They sell themselves. But what we do want to do with this blog is educate and most importantly entertain you. We will interview wine connoisseurs, whiskey, scotch and bourbon lovers, as well as people who brew some of the best beer in the country. We’ll find out what drives them, how they got started in the field, what they recommend and what wine, beer or liquor you should try next.

We will also provide oodles of entertaining quips, stats, quotes and anything related to one of our favorite topics and vices…BOOZE!

So be sure to subscribe (hit the button on the side bar, please!) and stay tuned for some good old fashioned fun. As for now, I’m going to finish this glass of St. Michael’s Winery  (Maryland) Gollywobber that I’m sipping from my Anti-Aging Potion wine glass. So far, the more I drink, the younger I do look in the mirror. It’s working!