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Top Ten Unique Gifts for Men, Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

I know I’m a bit late for Father’s Day gifts. But if you know me, I tend to be “a buck short and a day late” quite often. But in all fairness, the special men in our lives deserve thoughtful and unique manly gifts year round, right? (Feel free to chime in with a comment, folks!) Most of the men in my life have birthdays in the late summer and fall so I’m beginning my search a bit earlier this year so I might…just might…get a gift to my dad or brothers within a timely manner this year.

These are in no particular order, but are just a list I’ve compiled when thinking about “gifts for the man who has everything“.


1. Dollar Shave Club Membership

We love the idea of this and we LOVE the hysterical video! Their mantra is that buying razor blades sucks. So they take the suckiness out of your life by automatically mailing you quality razors each month. The man behind the company is absolutely brilliant and has created a hilarious video presentation that has taken this seemingly simple business idea right to the bank.  We SERIOUSLY want to meet this guy! Check it out…and while you’re there, sign up. Nobody wants to see your face all sliced up by bad, dull razors, dude.

2. Working Man’s Hygiene Kit

And while we’re on the topic of men’s hygiene, I think I might grab this for my dear hubby. When he’s not running our super cool custom barware company, he’s building something, digging in the dirt, hunting, fishing and other manly things. And his hands are rough and dirty when he gets home!  Um…EW! This all-natural set was created by a mechanic who let his dirty, damaged paws drive his inspiration to design products for dudes. The manly salves, scrubs and balms included are specially made to meet the needs of the working man. From soothing sore feet, to healing cracked lips and knuckles, to buffing the dickens out of dry skin, this kit goes beyond simple cleansers to get the job done. Handmade in the USA too. Can’t get better than that!

3. Panasonic Men’s Wet/Dry Multi-Angled Personal Groomer

For the more “metro” type of man, we recommend this little diddy. Heck, let’s face it…every man needs a little grooming, even cowboys. And NO, I’m not recommending “manscaping” by any means. I like my man to look and feel like a real man. But what I (and 99.9% of all women out there) don’t like, is an Austin Powers-type thickly-matted fur rug on the chest, back, neck…really not anywhere that might peep out of the legs of your boxer briefs either! Trim it up, boys but leave enough so you don’t look like a 6 year old. No woman I know finds that look attractive either!

4. Personalized Whiskey, Scotch, Bourbon Decanter

Now you didn’t think for one minute that one of our many cool gifts for men wouldn’t be on this list, did you?! Of course when you begin your shopping, Crystal Imagery is the first place you’ll visit…we know that once you’ve seen one of our customized hand-carved monogrammed barware items for yourself, that you’ll never settle for those sub-par engraved gifts again! And just take a look at the monogrammed decanter below…it would even make the “man of steel”, Superman himself swoon!

5. Race a Ferrari

What HUMAN wouldn’t enjoy this thrill? Heck, even I want to do this! Are you kidding me?! And it’s available nationwide for approx $350. Tell him to rev his engines and hop in for the time of his life! And don’t forget to send him off with a camera for some selfies to post on Facebook, Twitter, and possibly to wallpaper his computer screen. He’s gonna look GOOOOOD in that car baby, and he’ll want to show it off so all the ladies can dig it and all the men will envy him.

6. Esquire, The Handbook of Style: A Man’s Guide to Looking Good

All men aren’t lucky enough to have a sister or BFF to tell him when his wardrobe is passé, throw him in the car and take him shopping for some stylish new duds. This book is put out annually by the editors of Esquire and is sure to give him the hint that it’s time to bring his look to the current decade. (Note for the ladies: I make no guarantees that your man will read it, suddenly have the urge to go shopping with you, or will come out of the dressing room looking like Bradley Cooper. I’ve bought my husband great jeans with a modern cut that accentuate his physique quite nicely and he still grabs his baggy stone-washed jeans from the 90’s when left to dress himself. But we can all dream, can’t we?)


7. Classic BBQ Branding Iron

What man doesn’t love a good steak done to perfection on the barbie? And ladies, we all know how men love to “mark their territory”, right? Depending on your level of manliness,  you can use your  personalized branding iron on meat, wood, leather or for the real cowboys, all three.  (No, this is NOT  to be used on your woman! We suggest putting a ring on her finger instead. A diamond necklace at the least.)


8. Craft Beer and Snack Basket

Speaking of men and their love of food, how about this gift basket full of craft beers and munchies? My mother always said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  But since I can’t cook worth a lick, this gift basket just might do the trick anyway. And by pairing the food with great beer, well we simply can’t go wrong with such a gift, can we?! (We also suggest throwing in a set of monogrammed beer mugs with this basket.)

9. Tabletop Foosball

Don’t act like you don’t want this, and don’t pretend for a minute that you don’t wish you had this in your office for  your “inspiration breaks”.

10. Code Wallet for iPhone

C’mon, we all knew the “murse” wasn’t REALLY going to take off.  So along comes the Code Wallet for iPhone to help a man stay organized and NOT look like a sissy. Holds your phone, 6 credit cards and ID. Not only does it streamline your essentials, it helps keep your derriere from looking all lumpy and bumpy with a bulky wallet in one pocket and cell phone in another.  This will give the women at least one cheek to admire without interference!