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The Perfect Personalized Shot Glass for the Outgoing Groomsman

With your wedding approaching, you will need to find gifts for your groomsmen to thank them for taking part in your special day. If you’ve got a few guys in your wedding party who are especially social and outgoing, a groomsman shot glass could be a great gift. Here are a few shot glasses that will serve as a perfect token of your appreciation.

Skull and Crossbones Shot Glass

The Skull and Crossbones Shot Glass has a bit of a rocker feel but is still sophisticated. In the middle of the skull and crossbones design, you can have your groomsman’s name engraved to personalize this gift. You can also have the title “groomsman” inscribed at the bottom of the glass. This gift can also serve as a way to say thanks to the ushers and hosts for your wedding. The shot glasses have been hand-crafted and are made from quality glass that will last for years, so your groomsman will remember your wedding day fondly each time they take a shot of their favorite beverage.

Oval Banner Shot Glass

This Oval Banner Shot Glass features a banner that offers just enough space to have your groomsman’s initial engraved in the center. You can also have your groomsman’s full last name engraved on the small banner under the monogram to make the gift even more sophisticated. With such an impressive design, your outgoing groomsmen can use it as a conversation piece at parties or add it to their extensive shot glass collection. This square-sided glass is great for taking a celebratory shot of tequila or whiskey and is a personalized gift that will be useful for years after the wedding.

Retro Shot Glass

If your groomsman has a classic sense of style and is always the life and soul of the party, the Retro Shot Glass is the ideal gift. This glass comes with a rectangle banner and vintage print, with enough space for your groomsman’s first name and his role in the wedding. The engraving also has a 3D effect that makes the gift even more impressive.

Arched Panel Shot Glass

The Arched Panel Shot Glass features a large, attractive banner and design that will immediately grab your groomsman’s attention. The banner is the perfect backdrop for letters that are engraved to look 3-dimensional. You can have your groomsman’s name engraved in Old Western-style font, and leave a little space underneath the name to have your their role in your wedding carved on the glass. This glass is made of quality materials, so it will last a long time, and you will likely have a chance to celebrate using these glasses in the future.

These are just a few of the shot glasses you can present to your groomsmen as gifts. The glasses can be given individually, but you can also present them as a set of glasses if they are the type that loves to entertain. Check out for more great gift ideas.