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The 6 Best Holiday Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

The 6 Best Holiday Gifts for Whiskey Lovers
Holiday Gift Guide for Whiskey Lovers. Whether you need personalized rocks glasses with their monogram or family crest, or are looking for interesting coffee table books related to whiskey and cocktails, read on. Here’s the best gifts for a whiskey lover. Continue reading

Indulge Yourself… Custom Barware for Everyday Moments

At Crystal Imagery Distinctive Barware, we believe that every day little moments are cause for celebration. Whether you’re enjoying intimate moments with friends at home, a romantic retreat with your sweetheart, the retirement of an honored veteran, welcoming a new neighbor or thanking your best man…adding Crystal Imagery custom glassware will take the experience to […] Continue reading

New Whiskey Glass Style

OUR WHISKEY GLASS STYLE HAS CHANGED. The size is slightly larger, which means of course, MORE ROOM FOR WHISKEY!  The bottom of the glass is now flat and smooth and is not concave and faceted like the previous version. ALL ORDERS PLACED AFTER 3/12/14 WILL BE CARVED IN THE NEW STYLE. If you wish to […] Continue reading