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Humorous Gifts, Engraved Barware

We have a sense of humor here at Crystal Imagery and we have a good time while we work. We think about the special occasions at which our custom bar glasses are being used. We think about the gathering of family and friends celebrating life’s big and little special moments together. We imagine what kind of personalities our customers might possess and how much fun it might be for them to express their individualism with some quirky, edgy, and humorous custom bar glasses. Then we start sketching and before you know it, we’ve got another new custom barware collection to release.

With this most recent whiskey and engraved scotch glass set, we were thinking about the hip and yet sophisticated scotch connoisseur. What would he want in his home bar or mancave? Well here it is, our “Just Cover the Ice”, “Another Round on Him”, “Three Fingers” and “Keep ‘Em Coming” engraved whiskey glass set is not only super cool with its retro artwork, but it’s also a great way to help your guests keep track of their glass throughout the evening.

We had so much fun creating this set, that we actually created TWO VERSIONS of what we believe will become a best seller. One version has the design engraved into the glass without a background and the other has a background carved out of the bourbon glass so the design remains raised from the glass surface, untouched.

Which version is YOUR favorite?

Sherri’s Favorite: Three Fingers Whiskey Glass Set

Eric’s Favorite: Just Cover the Ice Whiskey Glass Set

Please do chime in!


Sherri and Eric