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Groomsmen Gifts for the Conservative Guy in Your Wedding Party

Throughout your life, you’ve probably had a friend who wasn’t quite as outgoing as your other buddies but was still a lot of fun and extremely dependable. He’s the guy you look up to when it comes to professional aspirations, and you’ve probably taken a few life lessons from him when it comes to family and friendships. If you have a conservative guy in your wedding party, the wedding party gift you give him should fit his personality. Here are a few great choices that will let your straight-laced friend know just how much you appreciate him.

Whiskey Label Personalized Flask

Maybe the conservative friend in your life has introduced you to quality spirits since he’s likely the one to convince the group to try something other than beer during a guys’ night out. A personalized whiskey label flask that looks like a vintage whiskey label would make the perfect gift since it likely looks like his favorite spirit, but the label will be customized to feature his name and the city or state where the two of you met. The etching on the glass has a 3D effect, and the flask holds up to 8.5 ounces of whiskey, so you and your groomsmen can celebrate your special day together.

Groomsmen Tuxedo Top Hat Flask

This flask is the perfect gift for the guy in your wedding party who never passes up the chance to get dressed up. You can always count on him to show you how to tie a vintage bow tie or pick the perfect pair of shoes for a corporate gala. The Groomsmen Tuxedo Top Hat Flask features a picture of a tuxedo front and top hat, and you can have your friend’s name engraved in the center of the flask. You can present these gifts at the beginning or your reception so your groomsmen can use them to celebrate during the night, and of course the gift makes a great keepsake after the wedding is over.

Groomsmen Bowtie Whiskey Glasses

These whiskey glasses are great for proposing a toast to the men who have been supportive and encouraging throughout your life. These make classy gifts since they are engraved with a bowtie design on the front, which makes them ideal for members of your wedding party who are known for being men of style. There’s also room on the glasses for you to have each wedding party member’s name engraved along with the date of your wedding. The Groomsmen Bowtie Whiskey Glasses also pair well with the tuxedo flask, so you can present both of the items as a set to the groomsmen in your life who have had a hand in making your wedding one to remember.

Groomsmen Beer Mugs

Even if your friend is the more conservative one in the group, he probably won’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy a glass of quality beer with his best friends. The Groomsmen Beer Mugs include a banner for engraving the name of your groomsman and his role in the wedding. The mugs also feature an attractive banner, are made from strong glass and are dishwasher safe.

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