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Everything You Need to Start a Luxe Home Bar

Everything You Need to Start a Luxe Home Bar

Upgrading Your Home Bar? Here’s What You Need

When it comes time to up your mixology game, you need to start investing in quality goods. A shaker with a pour top does not provide the best filtering. A little saline can go a long way. And having custom whiskey glasses with your monogram will always impress guests and make you feel like every drink you make is top-shelf. Here are some of the items you will want when creating a luxury mixology home bar.


Bar Tools

First and foremost, if you don’t have bar tools and have just been using a regular spoon, it’s time for an upgrade. You will need at least a bar spoon, a jigger with both 1- and 2-ounce measurements, and a mixing glass. You should also have a Hawthorne strainer, which has springs to stop ice shards, and a julep strainer, which looks like a giant spoon with holes. For extra filtering, get a tea strainer. You may also want metal cocktail picks.


Boston Shaker

If the list above containing three different strainers didn’t tip you off, the typical three-part shaker with a built-in strainer doesn’t always do an effective job. Instead, you want a Boston strainer, which is only two parts. Both may be metal, or one may be a large glass, allowing you to see the contents as you shake. The shaker creates a vacuum, and you can release it with a satisfying hit to the side of the shaker when done.


Aging Bottle and Aging Staves

Aging liquor, such as whiskey, can make it mellower and bring out flavors. You will want an aging bottle that can hold aging staves, which are made of wood and often in a spiral shape. This is great for subtly changing flavor profiles.

Bitters Bottles

Ditch the bottles your bitters came in and get luxury bottles with a better spout. These will look better on your bar while helping you easily identify different bitters. On that topic, you can get more than just the classic Angostura bitters. Adding orange or chocolate bitters can open up more flavor profiles. Ango and orange bitters in an old-fashioned is a revelation.


Saline Bottle

A small bottle that you can use to drop saline is a highly effective way to add salt into the drink without worrying about whether it will dissolve. A drop or two of saline can help open up flavors in cocktails.


Deep Engraved Glasses

Nothing is more classy than making a cocktail and then putting it in custom deep engraved glasses. From your last name to a monogram or a fictional distillery bearing your name, personalized glasses add to the “cool” factor. Even just sipping neat whiskey in a custom glass elevates the experience, helping you indulge yourself.



Why keep liquor in the original bottle when you can have high-class decanters? While decanters do affect wine, whiskey decanters mostly serve to improve your home bar’s aesthetic, adding a luxurious touch alongside glasses etched with your monogram.


About Crystal Imagery

Eric Schuchart started Crystal Imagery in 2000 as a hobby. He started off making deeply engraved gifts for friends and family, and in 2013, Crystal Imagery was incorporated. Co-founder Sherri Blum joined on as a partner. The company was a hit, and it grew by leaps and bounds. It expanded from a garage to a full 10,000 square-foot facility in just three years. The brand uses a deep carved technique that creates a 3D relief, far superior to rotary or laser etching. The 3D etching gives depth and shadow to products such as personalized whiskey glasses, decanters, beer mugs, Glencairn glasses, and more. Give a truly unique, personalized gift with Crystal Imagery, or indulge yourself.


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