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Engraved Crystal Wedding Gifts

An elegant engraved crystal wedding gift is one of the best ways to let your loved one know how honored you are to be a part of their special day. We offer a variety of beautiful crystal wedding gifts that are sure to spark fond memories each time the recipient uses their incredible gift.


Waterford Crystal Glasses

Items like the Waterford Crystal Engraved Glass are sure to impress your family member or friend. These glasses are made of European crystal, and our signature deep-carved engraving technique is used to make the monogram on the glass stand out. The Waterford Crystal Lismore pattern has been the foremost design for Waterford for over six decades. Our engraving style has an 18th-century influence and is a nod to George and William Penrose, the founders of Waterford Crystal. You can customize this glass to feature the names of the bride and groom, the monogram of the couple’s new family name, and/or the date of the wedding. There are a number of designs to choose from, and the etched design at the base of the glass (depending on the gift you choose) makes this crystal gift one that will be cherished for many years to come.


Bar Glasses

For something more casual but still classy and unforgettable, a bar glass may be the answer. We offer personalized whiskey scotch bar glasses, which can feature the initial of your loved one or the monogram of the couple’s new family name. These glasses are ideal for a celebratory glass of scotch or whiskey, and they are available in Waterford Lismore or standard glass.

To present your family member with a wedding gift that signifies pride in their native hometown, you can choose the Hometown City Rocks Glass. The glass features a map and embossed name of the city in the center. This gift can serve as a way to honor the recipient’s childhood and formative years while reminding them of great times ahead.


Engraved Wine Bottles

An engraved wine bottle is a wonderful gift because it offers a personalized message that the bride and groom will cherish. You can feature the date of the wedding, the names of the bride and groom, and a short quote or phrase about love to make the gift unique. The message is sand-carved into the glass, and since the bottle is empty, you can further customize the gift by filling it with flowers or small candies. These bottles are available in both green and blue glass, so you can choose a gift that will best match the wedding color scheme.


Ice Buckets

A Waterford crystal ice bucket is a perfect gift for a couple that entertains often. This item has enough room for the engraved monogram and the full spelling of the couple’s last name. The shield design is rather eye-catching, and the etched accents at the bottom of the item make it even more appealing.

These are just some of the stylish and sophisticated glass gifts you can give to a newly married couple to show how much you care. Be sure to browse through our site for more beautiful customized gifts you can choose from.