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Customized Beer Glasses and More: A Craft Beer Tasting Party Guide

Customized Beer Glasses and More: A Craft Beer Tasting Party Guide

Creating and hosting a memorable beer-tasting party that will be the buzz of your friend group for months to come is no easy feat. There is plenty to plan and prepare before your party. You need to get customized beer glasses ready for different kinds of beer and decide on food pairings or games. Here are some of the ways you can make your craft beer-tasting party at home an event to remember.


Come Up with a Menu

The first task is to come up with a menu. Are you only doing local craft beers? Do you have access to craft beers from around the country? How many beers do you want your party to taste?


Generally, a good number is six beers if you use 3-4 ounces per pour. Don’t go above eight beers. If there are too many beers, your tasters won’t have time to discuss and evaluate beers before pouring another. Plus, too many beers start to cloud their judgment. The number of beers may also be affected by how many guests you have, especially if you try to stick to a budget. You will also have to develop a tasting order that makes sense. This must be decided before the beer hits the customized beer glasses.


Is There a Theme?

Do you have a theme? If so, this can help with the tasting order. You might want to try a specific type of beer, such as IPA, stout, or beer from a certain region, assuming you have access. You could have a theme of just a single local brewery. Maybe you want a family of beers, such as brown ales and porters. You could do something slightly more exotic and have all the beers have a specific ingredient. Or try having every guest bring their favorite beer, checking ahead of time to ensure there are no repeats.


Try Food Pairings

Drinking all that beer on an empty stomach isn’t a good idea. At the very least, you will need snacks to go with your beer. It might be a cheese tray or a full meal.  You can find pairings for the type of beer or even a specific beer. For example, nutty flavors of English-style brown ales go well with handmade cheddar cheeses. Porters go well with roasted or smoked foods such as sausages or barbecue. Pair delicate beers with delicate dishes and assertive beers with strongly flavored foods.


Use Customized Beer Glasses

Whether you are using glasses with your name on them or a logo of your beer group, use the right customized beer glasses for the type of beer your party is tasting. You might have a combination of pilsner, pub, and mugs. These will provide a far better experience than simple tasting cups. If you only have one type of mug per person, they can be washed out between tastings.


Cleanse the Palate

Washing the mugs also gives time for a palate cleanser. Sparkling water can help get the taste of the last beer out of your guests’ mouths before they have the next. Starchy snacks like crackers and pretzels can also help clear the palate. Be aware of what other food pairings you offer. Food with garlic or hot wings will mask the taste of the beers, doing the exact opposite of cleansing the palate.


Beer-Themed Games

Beer-themed games can help break up the tasting, whether it’s a mystery beer or a bracket of best-tasting beers. Try trivia about beer to get your tasters thinking. Other games, such as cornhole, or finishing with beer pong can also be fun ways to close out the tasting party.


About Crystal Imagery

Eric Schuchart decided to take up a hobby in 2001, making personalized engraved glasses for family and friends. They were a hit. Crystal Imagery then transformed from a hobby to a full-time job in 2013 as Sherri Blum, a well-known interior designer for celebrities, partnered with Schuchart. Now, Crystal Imagery offers two techniques for etching. A deep etching technique offers the highest luxury, producing a depth and shadow unmatched by traditional rotary surface etching methods. A UV laser etching offers a better result than CO2 lasers, giving a crisp, precise etching that cuts the surface instead of cracking. Crystal Imagery offers personalized whiskey glasses, a personalized whiskey decanter collection, customized beer glasses, crystal ice buckets, and a variety of other glassware options.


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