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5 Whiskies with Interesting Gimmicks

5 Whiskies with Interesting Gimmicks

The whiskey world is not without its gimmicks. Filling your custom whiskey glasses with whiskies with interesting gimmicks can be a fun way to explore the odder side of whiskey. Some have aging methods that are out of the ordinary, while others use ingredients not immediately associated with whiskey. Here are some whiskies with interesting gimmicks you might want to try.


Jefferson’s Ocean Aged at Sea—Maturing at Sea

Jefferson’s Ocean Aged at Sea is, unsurprisingly, aged in barrels out at sea. The thought is that the sloshing of the whiskey from the waves helps it develop more quickly than simply leaving the barrels in a warehouse. The motion of the waves is supposed to help the whiskey soak in and out of the barrel faster. Though once experimental, this expression is now a regular offer from Jefferson’s, making it fairly easy to find.


Rogue Chipotle Whiskey—Jalapeno Peppers

Chipotle peppers, dried and smoked jalapenos, are used in nearly every aspect of Rogue Chipotle Whiskey. Chipotles are used in the mash, smoked and worked into the wash. It starts as something close to a beer but is later distilled into whiskey. More peppers are thrown in during the maturation process. What you end up with is one tangy whiskey.


Boxing Hares—Hops

Boxing Hares is not technically whiskey. It’s classified as a “spirit drink.” Boxing Hares is the second of the three releases from Whiskey Union’s launch. It combines Scotch and hops meant for craft beers. According to Whiskey Union, the taste is malt, toffee, pineapple, cherry, and of course, hops. There is also a hint of bitter hops in the finish. You might even want to use customized beer glasses instead of your typical whiskey glasses for an even more unique experience.


Metallica BLACKENED—Aged to Music

While Jefferson’s uses the waves of the ocean to age its whiskey, Metallica’s BLACKENED whiskey is aged to the sounds of the band’s Black Album. The late master distiller Dave Pickerell, known for his work with Maker’s Mark, Whistlepig, and other distilleries, partnered with Metallica just before his death in 2018 to create BLACKENED. Now taken over by Rob Dietrich, formerly of Stranahan’s, this brandy barrel-aged whiskey certainly has a pedigree. The vibrations are supposed to add color and flavor thanks to the whiskey interacting with the barrel. The result is worth trying at least once.


Fishky—Aged in Salted Herring Casks

Chances are good that Fishky will never grace your personalized whiskey decanter. There’s record of only one barrel existing, and there are doubts of even that. Fishky was supposedly Bruichladdich, first aged in a sherry cask and then in a barrel that held salted herring. It’s not hard to imagine it probably tasted fishy and salty and was certainly only created for the gimmick. Whiskey reviewer Mark Gillespie claimed to have had some of the 2007 “release,” and his review was that it was the worst whiskey he had ever tasted. There are no known expressions available, but it’s certainly intriguing to imagine.


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