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Custom Military Academy Bar Glasses

Members of the West Point Class of 1996 were recently looking for a unique Christmas gift and discovered Crystal Imagery.  After working with the class, we helped them to create custom Beat Navy! glassware sets.  Each West Point glass features their class crest carved into the side of the glass; our deep carvings help highlight details of the crest, such as the cadet and officer sabers, the six talons of the eagle representing their service commitment following graduation, and the eagle looking back onto four fully visible stars, representing their four years spent at the academy. We also added a special touch through carvings on the bottom of the glasses in each set.  While they are brothers and sisters in arms when defending our nation, on the fields of friendly strife, the United States Military Academy (West Point) and the United States Naval Academy (Annapolis) are fierce rivals.  Reflecting that spirit, the first academy glass in each set has “Beat Navy!” carved into the bottom. Each of the remaining bar glasses in the set contains a word from the West Point motto, “Duty, Honor, Country.”  We made these special West Point 4-glass sets available in both whiskey glasses as well as pint glasses.

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