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Treat Yourself to Elegance in the New Year with Crystal Imagery Whiskey Glasses

Treat Yourself to Elegance in the New Year with Crystal Imagery Whiskey Glasses

With the new year comes an opportunity to treat yourself to elegance. With Crystal Imagery, you can have personalized whiskey glasses for your favorite whiskey. Whether it’s top-shelf or you want it to feel top shelf, treating yourself to high-quality whiskey glasses is the perfect way to start the new year.


Custom Whiskey Glasses

One of the best presents you can give yourself for the new year is a new way to drink your favorite whiskey. With custom whiskey glasses, you can pour your favorite whiskey, rye, bourbon, or scotch into a rocks glass with your monogram, logo, fictional distillery, label, or more. Crystal Imagery uses a deep engraving technique to create an engraving deep enough to feel, a raised relief that gives depth and shadow to the glass. The glasses are also available in Stoltzle, Ravenscroft, and Waterford crystal.


Glencairn Glasses

When you are looking for custom engraved glasses for drinking scotch, try a Crystal Imagery Glencairn glass. They can help you truly savor the nuances of your scotch. It’s also great for rye and bourbon but can make any scotch spectacular. A type of snifter, they offer a wide bowl and tapered mouth. It offers an enhanced drinking experience every time you pour whiskey. This is the type of glass that the scotch distilleries in Scotland and Ireland use. They hold and focus aromas, which rocks glasses do not do.



If you need your whiskey to be portable, whether it’s a tailgating party or a bring-your-own-whiskey gathering, a personalized Crystal Imagery flask will let you transport your whiskey in style. It’s the perfect gift to yourself for the new year, especially if you intend on sharing new whiskey. The custom deep engraving technique used to personalize the flasks is superior to anything you will find that has been rotary or laser etched.



Displaying a special whiskey deserves a special decanter for your home bar. Each crystal decanter from Crystal Imagery offers an elegant way to display your special whiskey, bourbon, rye, and more. Whether it is a custom logo or a family crest, decanters are the perfect way to show off a particular whiskey from your collection.


Highball Glasses

When it’s time to have a whiskey highball, there’s no better way to drink it than in a personalized highball glass. When you want to make a high-quality cocktail, you need a high-quality glass to put it in. With lead-free crystal highball glasses, you can make the ideal whiskey highball or any other cocktail.


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