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Creative Ways to Display Your Engraved Logo

If you are having engraved gifts created for marketing purposes, you’ll want them to grab the attention of established and prospective customers in a way that makes your company memorable. Engraved glass gifts will make a great impression on clients, and the following creative ways to display your logo could lead to more business for you in the future.



While monograms are usually reserved to signify someone’s name, you can use the monogram design as part of your logo. For instance, if you have a lifestyle brand, you can offer your customers the Personalized Whiskey Scotch Bar Glasses, which can feature the first letter of your company name. Of course, this works best if you’ve already established the monogram logo as one of the ways that customers identify with your brand. The elegant design will likely be a welcome gift and will increase brand recognition.



An engraved banner provides you with the space to spell out the name of your business, especially if you choose a promotional gift like the Logo Beer Growler. The beer growler provides enough room for you to feature the first letter of your business in calligraphy font, with a banner underneath the monogram to spell out the name of your company. The beer growler also makes a great gift for loyal customers and will serve as a fitting marketing piece if you are promoting any brand.


Engraved Company Name

If you want to thank your clients for their continued patronage or want to promote a new product that you are introducing, you may want to present customers with the Corporate Logo Engraved Wine Glass. This item has a frosted banner that allows you to have both the name of your company and your logo featured on the glass. The banner also includes a detailed border design to add elegance and sophistication to the item. These glasses also make ideal gifts for your employees or can serve as a prize for a giveaway or promotional event. The wine glass also makes an excellent keepsake or decorative item that you can feature in your office, which will serve as a powerful marketing tool when you are meeting with clients.


Engraved Logo

Glasses and growlers will serve as notable gifts for customers and potential clients, and if you have already given these as a present, you could feature your logo on a serving platter or cheese board. The serving tray is made from slate, and your company’s monogram and logo will be featured in the center on a shield and banner. The Custom Logo Slate Serving Tray, Cheese Board, is a visually appealing and practical gift, especially for clients who entertain often and can be given with an accompanying wine glass to make a stunning gift that will leave a lasting impression.

These engraved logo gifts are not only suitable for business purposes but can be given as tokens of appreciation after a special event like a wedding or anniversary party. Take a look at all the custom gifts we offer to find one that matches your style.