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5 Whiskies From Around the World to Try

5 Whiskies From Around the World to Try

America, Scotland, Canada, and Japan are all well-known for whiskies. But what about other areas of the world? If you are looking for something new to pour into your glasses etched with your monogram that isn’t a typical whiskey, try something from India, Mexico, Tasmania, or other parts of the world. Here are some of the bottles you should be on the lookout for.


South Africa: That Boutique-y Whisky Company Three Ships 6-Year

The first whisky on the list comes with huge flavors of wood and spice that meld with a deep sweetness. Three Ships from That Boutique-y Whisky Company in South Africa originally comes from the James Sedgwick Distillery in Wellington, South Africa, but TBWC has a special bottle with a graphic novel-like label. It is aged in American Oak and filled into Pedro Ximenez sherry casks. Thick and syrupy, it’s got hints of chocolate with slight spicy heat, like Aztec hot chocolate with chili. The problem with getting it in your custom whiskey glasses is that it isn’t directly imported to America. It’s highly rated, but you’ll have to import it at a high cost if you want it to grace your elegant custom Glencairn glass.


India: Amrut Single Malt

The biggest name in India for whisky is Amrut. Their signature bottle, made in Bangalore, offers a complex dram with a rich, heady mix of apples, honey, malt, and spice. It’s considered an all-time classic for whiskies from around the world and well worth adding to your home bar. Other options that can grace your etched glasses include the Spectrum expression, aged with staves from American, Spanish, and French oak, with oloroso and PX sherry.


Tasmania: Lark Single Malt

Australia was once one of the top nations for producing whiskey, until the 1980s. Nearby Tasmania hadn’t produced whisky since 1839 until Bill Lark opened his distillery in 1992. Tasmania has excellent water access and is nearly perfect for growing both peat and barley. Aged in smaller-than-usual Australian apera (local sherry) casks, Lark Single Malt is a woody, syrupy dram.


Australia: Starward Solera Single Malt

Speaking of Australia, no international list is complete without Starward. It has a dominant fruity, chocolate flavor thanks to being aged in classic sherry casks and Australian fortified wine barrels. You might also try Starward’s flagship whiskies, Two-Fold and Nova. Two-Fold is a mix of single malt and wheat, while Nova is a single malt. Both are aged in fresh red wine barrels that owner Dave Vitale sources from local wineries. There’s a sweetness to them, of ripe cherries and baking spices.


Taiwan: Kavalan Concertmaster

If you want one of the best international whiskies for your custom engraved glasses, pour some Taiwanese Kavalan behind your monogram. Ranked among the best in the world, Kavalan whisky does not come cheap and is hard to find. If you have a sweet tooth, you want Concertmaster in your custom whiskey glasses. This expression is aged in port casks and smells like marzipan. The taste is similar to desserts swirling around the glass, with notes of dark chocolate, dates, prunes, and toffee.


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