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5 Ways to Elevate Your Whiskey-Drinking Experience

5 Ways to Elevate Your Whiskey-Drinking Experience

Drinking whiskey is an experience in itself. Pop a cork on a new bottle of your favorite bourbon, pour a little in Glencairn glasses etched with your monogram, add a few drops of water, enjoy the aroma, clink glasses, and finally sip the whiskey. It engages all of your senses. But how can you elevate your experience? Here are a few ways that you can make your whiskey-drinking experience better.


Age Your Own Whiskey

Aging whiskey yourself adds a special note to the drinking experience. It’s easy to get a barrel or glass jar, aging staves, and a high-proof, light whiskey. Then, all you need is a few weeks to let the whiskey age. This can deepen the flavor of the whiskey, giving it more of a woody note. Depending on how long you age the whiskey, you will get fuller flavors.


Use Custom Whiskey Glasses

Sure, you could pour your whiskey into any drinking glass you have, but you can make it a classier experience. Using personalized whiskey glasses with your name, monogram, or a custom image heightens your whiskey-drinking experience. It adds timeless elegance to your home bar while ensuring you have high-quality glasses that you can use to sip your whiskey, whether it’s a rare distillery-only expression or a daily sipper. You can enjoy a cocktail or a finger or two of your favorite whiskey with rocks glasses.


Savor with Glencairn Glasses

If you are looking for a way to enjoy a new whiskey or savor an old favorite, try using a custom Glencairn glass. By using a Glencairn glass, you can focus the aroma, and thus the taste, of the whiskey. You can get custom engraved glasses to go along with your rocks glasses, making for a full set and giving you options for how you want to drink your whiskey. If you want to get the best feel for the whiskey, use a Glencairn glass and a few drops of water.


Display Whiskey in a Decanter

While there are a number of bottles that are decorative in their own right, there is nothing like seeing the whiskey in a clear decanter. A decanter has no function for whiskey, unlike with wine, other than to give you a refined way to store and display it0. It’s hard to beat the classy look of uncorking a decanter and pouring a few fingers of whiskey out.


Cool Down Whiskey with Large Ice Cubes or Balls

Next, if you are using regular ice cubes, you are likely watering down your whiskey. Use large cubes or spheres to cool down whiskey and cocktails without watering them down too much. The larger surface area means the ice doesn’t melt as fast. You can find molds for either type, depending on your preference.


About Crystal Imagery

Crystal Imagery started with a hobby. Eric Schuchart started a fun side project in 2000, making custom engraved glasses for friends and family as gifts. They loved everything he made. Skip forward to 2013, and he was joined by Sherri Blum, a noted interior designer to celebrities, and together they created Crystal Imagery. The deep-carving technique Crystal Imagery uses creates a unique engraving in the glass, adding a shadow and depth you can feel. Typical laser and rotary surface etchings simply can’t replicate the results. Crystal Imagery offers personalized whiskey glasses, Glencairn glasses, highball glasses, Nick and Nora glasses, champagne flutes, decanters, and more glassware. Add a touch of refinement to your home bar with personalized glassware from Crystal Imagery.


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